The MV London team has its own fully equipped filming facility. It is situated within a spacious railway arch in London’s historic East End. The studio is spacious and functional, with a nice creative atmosphere and a possibility to separate a film set with its own make-up and costume space. It is available 24/7! Different props and backgrounds can be installed in the studio to produce music videos and professional photo shoots.

The beautiful and diverse city of London offers many different fascinating interior and exterior locations suited for video production: clubs and bars, deserted buildings, city landmarks, modern and retro urban environments.

Apart from London and UK, we offer film production and shooting (music videos, TV-ads and viral online videos) in two other EU countries: Spain and Bulgaria, and provide a complete filmmaking team, as well as transport and accommodation. Our film crew is very flexible, also can travel and provide video production all over the World!

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Taking into account our clients’ requirements and budget, we make videos with various professional equipment, from Canon 5D mark II, Lumix GH4 to RED and Arri Alexa.